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User manual: How to Use the Paleography Exercises?

These exercises are self-corrective: we hope they will help beginners in their discovery of the writing used in the account rolls of the Savoyard castellanies, and to improve their paleographic skills.

Nota bene: to make room for the actual exercise, the main menu (here on the left of the page) does not appear on the exercise pages. It is replaced with a context menu, sliding out of the right side of the screen when you click on the "menu" link:

Each exercise has different zones:

The “transcription” and “Solution” can be hidden and displayed at will, by clicking on the “afficher / masquer” (or “show / hide”) link to the right of their title. It may be useful, for instance when the paleographic document is quite long and occupies the majority of the computer screen, to hide the transcription zone when you want to see the solution closer to the image.

Within those zones, each line can be individually hidden or shown (they are displayed by default in the transcription zone, and hidden by default in the solution zone, to avoid spoilers).

“Introduction” zone

This zone is simply for information, to give some context about the document.

“Image” zone

“Transcription” zone

“Solution” zone

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